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Metaverse is also becoming really popular - Its being called the next frontier of the internet itself.
Metaverse has various elements that include – Block chain technology, augmented reality, virtual reality and game theory. Before covid began, ever since the beginning of medical science, health care meant physical interaction between the patients and the doctors.
So, to get diagnosed, to get operated or get treated, the whole process was hands on.
This changed slightly post covid.
More people chose tele consultations and home-based health care over potentially contracting covid at dedicated health institutions.
Metaverse seeks to potentially revolutionize this forever.
We never for once thought that we could teach robots to operate on humans, but that became a reality in the past decade itself.
We never thought that we could see inside the brain, but we now can do so by using 3 D models.
Such examples are endless.
But the future holds great prospect. Revolution is expected.

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